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Young Gospel Team - Mahabubnagar by Santhosh Kumar
Our Church Ministries

The most uplifting place you go weekly


1st Service

Every Sunday we gather in Erlapally. Service starts at 9:30 AM

2nd Service

We Worship in Lingampet. Service starts at 11:00 AM

3rd Service

Every Sunday we gather in Pedda Adiral. Service starts at 7:00 PM

Other Events

For weekly prayer meetings & other events, contact us

Young Gospel Team
@ygt153Feb 23
Young Gospel Team
@ygt153Feb 22
యెహోవా సర్వలోక మునకు రాజైయుండును. https://t.co/2aSNX1F3tL
Young Gospel Team
@ygt153Feb 21
యెహోవాయందు భయభక్తులు కలిగియుండుట వినయ మునకు ప్రతిఫలము ఐశ్వర్యమును ఘనతయు జీవమును దానివలన కలుగును. https://t.co/LDW81XJk9p
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