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Where Church is our Home

We are a home of Christ that believes in the Lord and loves him.
We are a home of believers that love the Lord, who has always loved Us!


And just like the world does, We too W.O.R.K from Home!

Worship the Lord
Obey all his commandments
Receive the Word and our blessings
Know that ‘His Will Be Done

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Church Ministry

We are passionate about the local church, and are on mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth. See how you can help:

The Young & Free (In Jesus)

The Youth Ministry of Calvary Prayer Church is a bunch of Energetic, Vibrant, and Free souls full of life and a Heart full of Jesus!


The House full of LIVING rooms!

Yes! With every belief occupying every room in our House of Church that “HE LIVES”, our Church Ministry ignites the spirit of the Lord every Sabbath (Sunday). Our ministry believes in connecting Jesus to everyone and spreading love through him!


iny, Tender, True Love for God!

Our Child Ministry believes in teaching the importance of God at tiny, tender, true ages of life, which shall save more and more souls in the coming years. Introducing the magic of Christ in an interactive/educational/fun way makes the child stronger even before he/she realizes!

the church

Let’s reach out to God!

If you ever feel the need for Prayer, always reach out to us, and we shall pray for you! Let’s together reach out to God through the gift of Prayer and always stay connected with the most high!


our goals

The World Beyond History, Everything was and is, His-Story!

In our quest to introduce each life to the one that “lives”!
In our belief to introduce Jesus Christ to the nations, to let the world witness the magic of Love

We, Calvary Prayer Church, believe in a mission of bringing his kingdom into this world with the power of salvation, spirit and love for people or one another.

Salvation is Here!

Linda Gofman, 44 years

Yes, Salvation is here, in our hearts, homes, groups, and Spiritual Home; Church! Salvation, in simple terms, is being saved from sins. Salvation is the key to having a relationship with our GOD. It gives us the opportunity of eternal life with God and a bigger chance of keeping ourselves from Hell. Salvation does cleanse all your sins and make you Heaven-ready!